The “tradition”

Tradition is a fundamental aspect of our way of perceiving our activity and presenting ourselves to the market

Passing on and maintaining our image and reputation over the years is a constant and unchanging commitment of ours. As a modern, flexible and responsive company we’re always setting new challenging objectives, all linked to the same basic concept:

“we want to inspire Confidence in the Customer”

The relevance of the Customer

We make precise commitments towards the Customer:

  • guaranteeing the availability of “safe” pressure equipment, starting from its design through its manufacture and up to the final tests carried out on it,
  • guaranteeing we are always a professional, collaborative counterpart and a loyal partner,
  • guaranteeing top levels of both pre-sales and post-sale service,
  • guaranteeing a reliable product that can be counted on for many years of carefree use.

The result we wish to attain is therefore not merely customer satisfaction, but also the strengthening of their conviction that MINGAZZINI is at their disposal, is their partner and is a real point of reference. For all of these reasons we are constantly committed to the creation of a proactive and one-to-one cooperation relationship with the Customer.

The Values

The Values guiding us in our everyday work

To pursue our objectives and maintain our commitment towards our Customers, the “values” which govern our way of operating are:

  • Commercial and interpersonal fairness;
  • Technical Competence;
  • Availability and humility;
  • Elasticity and open-mindedness;
  • Love for our work.