Back in time…

Steam: from fire and water the oldest and most natural energy arises, which has always accompanied the evolution of technology and industry.

From the means of transport to the most powerful boilers, steam has gone a long way in terms of research, passionate discoveries, courageous applications.
Our own history runs parallel to the history of steam.
The origins of MINGAZZINI are actually deeply rooted in the Padana Plain, which was to see the development of the first canning and dairy industries, leading to a subsequent need for steam in industrial processing. In the early 1900s, in fact, the agri-food industry, especially the tomato industry, was experiencing a strong acceleration of its development in the area of Parma, a development that had already begun in the last years of the previous century. Always at the beginning of the 1900s and in the same Parma area, together with Reggio Emilia and Modena, steam heating also spread to Parmigiano-Reggiano dairies (previously direct-fire heating was used). Therefore, just in that period of time, the peculiar conditions for the industrial development of the region were created. An area that today is also internationally recognized as the Italian “Food Valley”.

Ubaldo Mingazzini, born in 1896, worked at that time in Parma, in the train maintenance workshops (steam-powered ones, of course). That experience and the technical abilities acquired on the steam locomotives became an excellent opportunity to become part of the activity of the booming mechanical industry: transferring the steam technology to the fixed plants supporting the food industry. In 1929 the first generators were tested. They were made using nailing technology only: welding would have been introduced, gradually, after the second world war. Even today, in the entry courtyard of the factory, you can see one of our very first boilers, serial number PR 3158, tested on 12 July 1929.
The history of MINGAZZINI begins this way, slowly but with willpower and perseverance. A history that moves parallel to the vicissitudes and the industrial development of the Country, with tragically difficult moments and others of great enthusiasm for reconstruction and recovery. For MINGAZZINI the fundamental passage from a craft-based firm to a completely industrialised one took place in the Sixties. Domenico was at the helm: he gave shape to the production site where MINGAZZINI still operates and completed its expansion. Those years also saw the first exports to foreign markets. This process became consolidated in the Seventies and most of all in the Eighties and early Nineties. In this period, MINGAZZINI dedicated itself to the production of more and more powerful boilers for a variety of outlet markets which were becoming ever more extensive and diversified both at the merceological and geographical level.

First tested boilers

Steam boiler

Serial number: PR 3158
tested on: 1929, July 12th

Looking towards the future...

Beeing still a 100% family-owned company, MINGAZZINI has always maintained unchanged the values passed on from father to son and the brand pride.

Such values, perfectly matched with technological updating and innovation, in the course of time have made of MINGAZZINI a modern company always paying the greatest attention to Customer service.
In spite of the constant and continuous technological improvement, regarding the product as well as the fabrication processes, MINGAZZINI has never forgotten its original aim. Deep focusing on the Clients’ requirements, customized answers and the greatest care on details. All of this is the expression of a culture, a flexibility and a creativity able to make the “Made in Italy” famous in the world. As a tailored suit, MINGAZZINI carefully designs and produces each single plant with skill and expertise.
Our history and experience have led us today to produce steam boilers, hot and superheated water boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, steam storage tanks, heat exchangers and degassers studied right down to the smallest detail and custom designed for specific industrial needs, such as energy saving, environmental respect, possibility of up-to-date systems for management and control of plants.

To respond to these needs, MINGAZZINI SRL has continuously improved its products, obtaining higher and higher efficiency, thanks to the reduction in heat loss and the inclusion of devices for energy recovery. In this way, boilers have been obtained with an effective efficiency of up to 98,5%. In addition to these products, MINGAZZINI is currently able to supply whatever is necessary for the production and modern efficient management of heating plants of any size, including remote control or management, as well as assemblies to enable operation without continuous supervision for 24/72 h.
Our commitment for the future remains the same: increasing Customers’ trust in our products by using the best technological solutions and guaranteeing safety, quality, reliability and service consistent with the “MINGAZZINI” standard.

We are inspired by a family vocation which has passed down from father to son a secret as old as mankind
the power of steam which flows towards the future.