Steam boilers PAS Series

Boilers for recovery of waste heat from motor fumes or fumes from turbines and industrial processes, to produce steam, superheated and hot water. Horizzontal design, 1 or 2 passes. The boiler structure, with a big horizontal body, is designed for the efficient passage of smokes. It is designed and manufactured according to the current regulations in force, in order to obtain a high exploitation of the sensitive heat from the hot smokes.


Rated pressure: Up to 20 bar (higher pressures on request)


They can be equipped with an economiser and/or a battery for the production of hot water for the process.
They can be configured for unattended operation for 24/72h (for EC market)
Connection availability for remote control with complete supervision of the boiler for remote monitoring and remote diagnosis
Absence of pipes in the lower part to facilitate cleaning of the water side.
Flanged tubeplates. Flangings absorb the body and the tube nest expansion, uniformly acting as compensators.
Large water content: the boiler has a large water content, a remarkable evaporating surface, with consequent high thermal volume and a very high steam quality.
Maximum serviceability of smoke side and water side. Both the front and rear smoke boxes are supplied with 2 hinged doors which are completely openable in order to ensure an easy inspection of the smoke side. The big diameter boiler body is complete with manhole and inspection handholes.
High quality of the steam at every working load: in correspondence with the steam main valve, a labyrinth-type moisture separator, specially designed by us, is installed to obtain steam free of water particles and thus with a very high quality.

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