Hot water boilers PB HC Series

Firetube hot water boilers built following the most up-to-date technological concepts for boilers for industrial applications and using the most advanced processing systems.


Output: from 3.500 kW to 17.000 kW
Rated pressure: up to 18 bar (higher pressures on request)
Working temperature: over 110 °C
Standard efficiency: 91%
Efficiency with energy recovery systems: up to 97,5%


Low emissions of NOx and CO
Connection availability for remote control with complete supervision of the boiler or the boiler room for remote monitoring and remote diagnosis
Wet back, with no refractory material, in order to cut off maintenance costs, the loss of heat through radiation and rear tubeplate overheating.
Three passes (the first one in the firetube, the second and the third one in the pipes), with passing flame design, to increase thermal efficiency.
Downwards firetube eccentricity to favour the water circulation inside the boiler.
Absence of pipes in the lower part to facilitate cleaning of the water side.
Large diameter firetube to improve efficiency and observe the environment regulations in force regarding emissions.
Flanged tubeplates. Flangings absorb the body and the tube nest expansion, uniformly acting as compensators.
Smoke tubes expanded only to tubeplates.
Maximum serviceability of smoke side and water side. Both the front and rear smoke boxes are supplied with 2 hinged doors which are completely openable in order to ensure an easy inspection of the smoke side. Access tube for inspection of combustion chamber, with flame inspection window. The big diameter boiler body is complete with manhole and inspection handholes or manholes.

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